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"Everybody said it was impossible until someone come along
who didn't know that and just did it."
Welcome to our fabulous world of Cinematography! What you can expect?
You will see for yourself. Enjoy!

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About Me

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A bit of me

Why I  to work

What else would I do if not working? Work for me, is more than just a job. It is a way to be confronted with new things and therefore keeps my brain, my muscles and spirit healthy. Of course one needs dollars
but more often dedication is priceless.
I don’t call it work – I call it passion.

Why I adventure

The idea that nothing happens, frightens me more than the facts that something serious could happen. An adventure is my waste gate for all sorrows and troubles life comes with. It flushes my brain with pure emotions and updates priorities in life – it grounds
me and creates space for new creativity.

Why I cars

Cars represent our society. They combine beauty
and physics with passion. After almost 5 years in advertising I started, parallel to my job, a major in automotive engineering. This has not just boosted my knowledge but also my admiration for the complex  construct we work with every day.

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Craft & Services

Throughout the years I have tried out the unexpected, the new, the good and bad. I have failed and succeeded at the same time. Today I can proudly say: I love my work!!!


I can take full responsibility or co-direct with you. If you might not have all the experience –
I am happy to lead the way.



I have been working for about 8 years as DoP and don’t plan to stop any time soon.
Lets run and gun.

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My latest passion is script developing.
This job literally keeps me awake at night.
Good for the outcome bad for my health.

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The Team

This is us

So you get to know us better

Meet our team

Less is more! That's why - it's just the two of us.

Timo Plogstedt

Director & Director of Photography

Adventurer, cinematographer, engineer and  father.
I do what I love – I love what I do.


Stefanie Walter

Assistant to Timo

Stefanie clears my mind and manages the back office.
She helps me to always strive for the best.



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